The cartoons you see here are FREE. They are a way to get you to read about Doug Dillard’s PulpiTEARS Live banquet appearances (click Cartoonist above) and book him for an event.

Meanwhile, use any of these cartoons -- ‚Ä?a title="Blotz/Blotz.html" href="Blotz/Blotz.html">Brother Blotz,‚Ä?‚Ä?a title="PulpiTEARS/PulpiTEARS.html" href="PulpiTEARS/PulpiTEARS.html">PulpiTEARS,‚Ä?or ‚Ä?a title="Editorial/Editorial.html" href="Editorial/Editorial.html">Editorial‚Ä?-- for your bulletins, newsletters, and promotions. The only restriction is they are not for resale or use on products.

Welcome to ‚Ä®Brother Blotz ‚Ä?.. and Friends