The Cartoonist

Booking Doug for a Gig

Doug has been famous for his animated “PulpiTEARS Live!” act since he launched the PulpiTEARS cartoon feature in 1965. But he began honing his skills on the banquet circuit while a college student. He paces performances by machine-gunning a stream of one-liners between longer tales that ... more

Most know Doug for his drawings. But there’s a flip side. Here’s more than you want to know, including how to book him for a banquet.

How the Cartoons Began

Doug began cartooning “as an accident” in 1957 when as a minister of education he found he could say things in print that would get him fired if he said them from a pulpit. “Brother Blotz” broke into print in 1961, then was syndicated to churches, followed by 13 features ... more,

Doug’s Other Lives

Doug started preaching at 15, pastored a mission at 16 and a full-time church at 17. He preached and sang in 127 youth revivals before graduating from seminary to serve as minister of education. He launched a religious public relations and advertising firm, then became president of a ...more

What’s Up Lately

In 2007, Doug pulled up 52 years of roots to move to Belton, Texas to marry a childhood sweetheart who had turned down his first proposal when they were both five-year-old neighbors. Much of his time and talents that had been invested in his varied career are now spent in charitable projects. ... more

To Publicize an Event

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